Monday, November 30, 2009

California Ricelands is done!

Yea! It's done - I have completed California Ricelands. You may notice (if you look at the previous blog) that the collage's name has changed. The original name, Rice Fields, was too similar to the name Gregory Kondos used for a painting (also commissioned by the California Rice Commission) a few years back. I'm nothing if not practical! Also, as I told the Rice Commission folks, this will help me differentiate the Ricelands series in the future..... I'm thinking Ricelands of Indonesia, Chinese Ricelands, Japan's Ricelands,.... You get the idea! I see travels in my future!

Speaking of travels.... Just today I delivered Reflections to the Grange showroom in San Francisco's Showplace Square. It will be part of a "vignette" that will be displayed through "Winter Market". For those of us who are not interior designers, that translates to mid-February.


  1. Congratulations on finishing "California Ricelands". It looks great here, but I can also say it's amazing in person!

  2. Thank you kindly! "California Ricelands" will be in my studio until January 12. Then it heads off to the framer and on to its year-long role as the official art for 2010, representing the California Rice Commission (CRC). There's been some discussion about it starting its journey in some legislator's office, but there's nothing final yet.

    Don't you think the CRC is amazing? They support local artists (I'm #5) while putting together their own collection - using the artwork as "branding" for that year. I love the idea!!